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So I hear there have been some troubles commenting...and unfortunately, IT support (husband) is out of town.  As far as I can see, the settings seem to allow comments, but I will have to try my giveaway another time.  Until then, I just posted this on

"Doll (Stretch)" is one of my three most favorite from this series.  It is so nice to go back to work and remember why it mattered so.  


I am so pleased to say that I have four dolls at RISDWORKS, the RISD Museum store for the summer.  The Fox, Elephant, Pig and a single sewing lady are there.  My girlfriend (and former boss) was kind enough to take pictures for me a couple of weeks ago.  I just noticed that the sewing lady's limbs are a little askew, so I will have to email the manager to get her rearranged.  It is such an honor!


was fabulous.  So much good work for a block along Benefit Street.  It was crazy busy for most of the day.  I only got to sneak out once to look at the other work, but I did collect some business cards, so watch for more posts to follow on what I saw.  Here's a look at my table...

It was a standard folding conference table, 6 feet long.  I made the is cotton feed sacks sewn together that then I painted and drew on with ball point pen.  I had four animal dolls available, four sewing dolls, ten cloth dolls, four quilted pieces and one flower lady.  It was  a day full of compliments.  And I have a couple of for a custom doll or two and one for a couple of animal portraits.  Thank you for having me RISDCRAFT!

september, seriously?

Things have been nuts.  There has been no time.  My classes started, my son's school hasn't.  I made a trip to my mom's in California with my son and mules were ridden.  I installed my piece "Ligatures" at Artistry in Bloomington, and a week later I attended the reception.  The exhibition is titled "It's Personal" and I am showing with Paula Barkmeier.  The city of Bloomington's communication specialist produced this short video on the exhibition if you would like to take a look: "It's Personal."

"Corded 2" by Paula Barkmeier

"Corded 2" by Paula Barkmeier