Spring is here in Minnesota...

and I am feeling lucky. The sun is shining. Birds are singing. The grass is peaking through. Just that can change my attitude so much. I feel like professional changes and growth is around the corner. I am thinking about the resources I need to gather in order to make this shift and the ways in which it is going to make me really uncomfortable to change. But I need to. I want to draw more. Drawing is so joyful. I made this one in January and was so thankful that a dear friend wanted to take it home.

rabbit with balloon

Let it be a spring of more drawing.

Skeleton hand drawing finished just in time....

So I have work going up in this beautiful local, Rochester, Minnesota restaurant called Forager this weekend.  I finished the text on the drawing yesterday and got it cleaned up in photoshop just now.  I will be selling this image as a framed print, along with prints of the rest of this anatomical series.  I can't wait to see them in the space.

The reception for the exhibition will be 10/23/16 from 4-6 pm.  Hope to see you there!

a little more drawing...


was done this week.  I have had more than a handful of images of 1950's ladies in a folder, just waiting to come out.  I thought one of these little ladies would be lovely as a deer, so that is how this came about.  I like how she is looking at you, but being waited on by someone else off stage. I, of course, see all the awkwardness of a leg, the hands, the value....but I am letting that go and enjoying the process of seeing what comes. 

september, seriously?

Things have been nuts.  There has been no time.  My classes started, my son's school hasn't.  I made a trip to my mom's in California with my son and mules were ridden.  I installed my piece "Ligatures" at Artistry in Bloomington, and a week later I attended the reception.  The exhibition is titled "It's Personal" and I am showing with Paula Barkmeier.  The city of Bloomington's communication specialist produced this short video on the exhibition if you would like to take a look: "It's Personal."

"Corded 2" by Paula Barkmeier

"Corded 2" by Paula Barkmeier