Morris Graves Museum of Art Exhibition

So happy to have had Nicole Jean Hill photograph my exhibit at the Morris Graves Museum of Art in Humboldt county last week. I got images just in time to apply for a mid-career fellowship. I didn’t install the work for this exhibition, and was a little uncertain about the configuration of the “Spread” masses on the wall. When I last installed this piece, there was no space between shapes and far less of the guts spilling out from them, but I have come around. I still want to make ten times the amount there currently are for an installation. I want them oozing off the wall!


And here is one of the new dolls. It was funny to see it up with some of the original ones and how the color palette has changed. I just love this measuring tape.

Still waiting to here on one of my proposals, and that will probably determine what I decide to focus on this next year. Four more days. Fingers crossed.


I am so pleased to say that I have four dolls at RISDWORKS, the RISD Museum store for the summer.  The Fox, Elephant, Pig and a single sewing lady are there.  My girlfriend (and former boss) was kind enough to take pictures for me a couple of weeks ago.  I just noticed that the sewing lady's limbs are a little askew, so I will have to email the manager to get her rearranged.  It is such an honor!


not much actually.  Unfortunately.  I think my crit with the Jerome jurors has left me a little uncertain.  And I think I was beginning to be in a place of transition with my work, so it has been easy to not get anything done.  I am thinking about cutting up the twelve foot wall panel into two pieces and adding more pattern paper so that each is six by six feet....and then adding more would like areas where I open up my color palette a little bit.  I did pull a new panel out to paint, but it is not easy with a pain in the ass little kitten.  He may be invited to enjoy the basement.  But I am also really wanting to start sewing for myself.  It could be a distraction.  I have made garments for myself over the years and not worn them much when I haven't been able to figure out fit.  But I found a blouse pattern I am in love with, so I may give it a try again.  And it is a french pattern....with no english instructions.  I think I can figure it out though.  It is the Laelia blouse from


I think it would also make a darling dress if you added some length.  And you could easily wear a long sleeved t-shirt underneath it so it worked for colder weather.  Now to figure out how many euros it is....

Denim and Diamonds....

Is the theme for the Rochester Art Center Artbash 2015...and artists are donating works made with denim.  

This is Snorm the Sensitive.  He is from a long line of denim dome monsters.  Yes, his teeth look fierce, but he is more interested in thoughtful conversation than tearing you apart.  Don't let his crazy eyes scare you...there is a docile, deeply sweet creature behind.  He can be yours on October 23, 2015.

It's done....

I finished this piece today!

except for a tab system I am going to have to add to the back to hang it from when I get home.   Each square is 3x3 inches and has hook and eyes on all sides that will link in to the hook or eye of the one next to it, so they will all be attached.  Some squares are just the painted pattern paper...some with masses of eyes sewn on, and most with masses of eyes as well as hair like thread masses on top.  I can't tell you how excited I am about this piece!  The picture is terrible, but all I can do here with my iPhone in my studio.  I should have installation shots to show later in July when I bribe my husband.  I hope you will come back and look at it then!

all done!

So I am so excited to be done with my installation at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. I finished last night at 6 pm and treated myself to some Thai before driving back from the cities.  I am so pleased with the results.  This is the first time I have created a site specific piece and I think it worked out well.  The center has just completed a major site renovation which has moved their retail space to the front window.  At the end of this space is an approximately 16x4.5x5 foot space that, although had a beautiful floor to ceiling window, was used as storage.  The director, Jeff Rathermel, decided to repurpose this space as an installation gallery which would change four times a year.  I  am the first artist to use the space.  Jeff put in a faux floor that was painted white so I could drill into it to secure the hands.  He was kind enough to help me get the panel attached to the wall before I started with the hands (I am not a fan of ladders).  Each hand is secured on a small dowel drilled into the floor.  Then I made stitches from the eyelets on the hands back to the panel, or between hands.  I was concerned about keeping the tension of the stitches from the hands to the panel, but it was nothing that a little double sided tape and carefully placed brads couldn't take care of.  I was also concerned that the piece wouldn't engage enough of the space, but I was able to get thread to about a height of six feet on the panel, with stitched hands coming out at varying depths from the panel. I couldn't get it all with my iPhone, but hopefully my talented photographer husband can.  I used 15 hands in total, and only had one finger break.  It was fun to realize someone was watching me while I worked and turn around to see their reaction.  One young lady gave me a big smile and then came in to ask about it.  She said "It really was so beautiful to just stumble upon, and at first I thought I would take a picture.  But I realized I want to come back and see it some more."  What a lovely thing to say, and I am so lucky to have this opportunity!  Here are some pictures from when I finished the install.  It was dark, snowing and blowing when I finished, so I have yet to get an image from the sidewalk outside the window.  Hopefully soon!  I did drive by and it was beautifully lit.  If you are in the cities and have an opportunity to see it, please let me know what you think.  There are also two book shows opening in the space on Friday, 1/9/15 as well.  

I am still deciding on a title.  I am the worst at that.  I did ask  a dear writer friend for thoughts and he suggested "Hand Job."  I know.  I've still got tonight to decide.  And now I am going to work out and then eat some holiday M&M chocolate biscotti I just made.  Happy new year!