A Rhinoceros has taken up residence....

In my studio along with some other little critters.  Sometimes I think my animals can get a little too similar in body shape to my sewing ladies.  I am so glad this guy is a meaty no neck.  And I am just noticing that all my animals lean to the left....maybe because I am right handed?  

Rhinoceros sculpture


So I hear there have been some troubles commenting...and unfortunately, IT support (husband) is out of town.  As far as I can see, the settings seem to allow comments, but I will have to try my giveaway another time.  Until then, I just posted this on

"Doll (Stretch)" is one of my three most favorite from this series.  It is so nice to go back to work and remember why it mattered so.  


William the urban tree man is almost done!  His character was conceived by my friend Colleen, who helped me to write my Minnesota State Arts Board grant application.  I promised to make him in trade for her expertise.  I imagined him as a very skilled mouse, cutting down diseased trees and planting new life.  He has his tool belt for his shovel and ax (the ax is not pictured....still need to add the loop to his belt.)   He wields a chain saw when necessary.  He keeps his headgear close by.  Colleen said he also has a german shepard, but I think I have done enough accessorizing.  I am still futzing with a large shovel trying to get the proportion right.  And he still needs his tail attached.  The whiskers are from my cat Bug; everything else is paper clay covered in sewing pattern paper and painted with acrylic.  I hope she will love him.  Thank you so much Colleen for believing in me and insisting I apply for the grant!