ball point pen

Skeleton hand drawing finished just in time....

So I have work going up in this beautiful local, Rochester, Minnesota restaurant called Forager this weekend.  I finished the text on the drawing yesterday and got it cleaned up in photoshop just now.  I will be selling this image as a framed print, along with prints of the rest of this anatomical series.  I can't wait to see them in the space.

The reception for the exhibition will be 10/23/16 from 4-6 pm.  Hope to see you there!

got some work scanned...

and ready to list on  This drawing is one of a series of three that I would like to sell as limited edition prints.  The paper is 8x10 inches and the drawing made with ball point pen.  I think ball point pen is my most favorite drawing tool ever.  It doesn't make the big, majestic charcoal figure drawings of my youth, but it makes the loveliest of lines.  It reminds me of a lithography crayon line, without all the levigating of stones.  Every year for Christmas I get two boxes of Bic black, fine ball point pens in my stocking.  Looks like it is time to start drawing.