New little superhero animals...

I have been wanting to make some little animals that aren’t as time consuming or as fussy as my animal dolls. And I have RISDCraft coming up, so I finally decided to make a little time this last week! Here are three new characters: Super Mouse, Super Cat, Super Bird. They were fun as hell to make. I used the same materials as my other dolls: air dry clay, sewing pattern paper, cotton thread, acrylic paint. I would like to bust out 3 more before the show in October…hopefully I can pull it off! After that, these will go in my online marketplace, soon to go live!


Each is about four inches tall and stands up. The mask can be on or off. And yes, the cat’s mask has cat whiskers!

Work in progress is it 2017?

Hi there for anyone who has been reading...I have been to Miami, been back, had shingles, given my husband chicken pox, fought with my son's asthma, been making some screen prints and trying to get a lot of my own work done.  So much to report on Miami and all the work I saw, but that will have to be a different post.  Right now, I am just quick trying to get back at this so I am posting one of my new figures.  I have a show in June in Northern Minnesota, and I hope to have a whole family to share.  

This is my new woodpecker.  And I am so in love with him.  I am working on wings and limbs now.  Somehow I need to start planning for these little critters tails would make things so much easier.  I tend to forget they have them.