animal art

New little superhero animals...

I have been wanting to make some little animals that aren’t as time consuming or as fussy as my animal dolls. And I have RISDCraft coming up, so I finally decided to make a little time this last week! Here are three new characters: Super Mouse, Super Cat, Super Bird. They were fun as hell to make. I used the same materials as my other dolls: air dry clay, sewing pattern paper, cotton thread, acrylic paint. I would like to bust out 3 more before the show in October…hopefully I can pull it off! After that, these will go in my online marketplace, soon to go live!


Each is about four inches tall and stands up. The mask can be on or off. And yes, the cat’s mask has cat whiskers!

Donkey and a Deer....

are all done!  Except for tails and all the little bits of touch up I still need to, really, not done, but I am getting close.  I have to install my exhibition on June 4, and I think I can see the end.  This little donkey showed up in an earlier post, but has got limbs now.  This happens to be my mom's favorite (she has two donkeys of her own.)

Donkey doll art artdoll painted animal

And then this deer is one of my favorites.  I have had the body in my work closet for at least a year, waiting for a time to get finished.  I also am making her a little mirrored vanity and stool...she needs a place to do her makeup.  

deer doll art fine art sculpture anthropomorphic
deer doll art sculpture anthropomorphic painted
deer donkey artdolls sculpture paperclay


Sculpting animal critters....

I just adore sloths.  Do you know they do a dance to poop?  Sometimes I feel like a little boogie is needed to get things moving.  

His left eye can move in the socket, and sometimes he just looks so confused.  Or high.  I can't decide if I should let it be.  It might be a good look for a sloth.