so much to can it be March?


I don't know where the time goes.  Seriously.  I was asking everyone I knew to vote for my work everyday at the Bombay Artisan Series for six weeks this fall, and now it is March!  Many fabulous professional things have happened in that time as well as some not so fun family health issues we had to work through.  But everyone is healthy, my son has a paper route and I am in five exhibitions currently!

I am actually headed off to New Orleans to see my work in the group exhibition Between Stitches at NOCCA tomorrow.  I have never been to NOLA, and am so excited to meet a friend there from San Francisco for a girls trip.  She knows New Orleans, so all I have to do is follow her around and enjoy.  

I am super excited to have brand new work at Nahcotta Gallery's Enormous Tiny Art Exhibition #23 in Portsmouth, Maine with some of my favorite contemporary artists.  I have been joking that Nahcotta is where all my favorite online cool kid artists show work, and now I am among them!  I even had a piece sell before the opening reception.  I just popped online to look at my page and saw a sold button.  It was a thrill.  

I also have work at Woman Made Gallery in their Woman Made Juried Regional Exhibition in Chicago, Illinois.  And then two weeks ago, last minute, I got an email from a gallery owner in Dallas who was interested in working with me.  Turns out she had an exhibition going up in the next week featuring the women artists of her gallery and asked me to participate.  So another big box went to Fedex.  I am so happy to be included in Women of RO2. at RO2 Art in Dallas, Texas.  

Finally, I have work back in Miami with Casa Mondo Gallery, after having met the owner at Superfine! during Miami Art Week two years ago.  It is absolutely crazy.  Working your ass off works!  Now I just have to get more organized.  Turns out I should have a spreadsheet inventory of all my work and where it is.  And then I need to start my 2018 tax expenses spreadsheet.  And then I desperately need to make some new work.  I have a group exhibition with my favorite local art besties in June, and some things coming up in the fall.  So I am shutting this down and pulling out my thread.  I will be back soon though.  Hope you all are well!


so a girlfriend just suggested I do a giveaway, and since I am printing extra copies of all my anatomical drawings series before my boys go on a road trip and I lose IT support (husband), let's try it!  Leave a comment in the comments section about your must watch Netflix show/film/special...I am ready to start Season 1 "Better Call Saul" but I also need to get through the current season of "The Americans" on FXNow.  Dilemmas.  I will pick a commenter by random to receive the print "Stomach" that is newly listed at  It is printed on archival paper with fade proof ink and fits in a standard 8.5x11 inch frame. If you have any friends that might be interested, please send them this way....I will be choosing a winner at random on on Sunday, June 12 at 9 pm and shipping the print on Monday morning.  

It's done....

I finished this piece today!

except for a tab system I am going to have to add to the back to hang it from when I get home.   Each square is 3x3 inches and has hook and eyes on all sides that will link in to the hook or eye of the one next to it, so they will all be attached.  Some squares are just the painted pattern paper...some with masses of eyes sewn on, and most with masses of eyes as well as hair like thread masses on top.  I can't tell you how excited I am about this piece!  The picture is terrible, but all I can do here with my iPhone in my studio.  I should have installation shots to show later in July when I bribe my husband.  I hope you will come back and look at it then!