hook and eyes

Making artwork and Fargo season 1....

So I have either been teaching, prepping to teach, stitching, sleeping or exercising.  Occasionally I have made a nice dinner or a batch of cookies.  There has been no cleaning.  My house is filthy.  But, I have gotten some artwork done.  I have work going into a local restaurant, Forager, at the beginning of October and I am desperately trying to finish two stitched pieces and two drawings.  And then I hope to make one more drawing; I don't know that that is going to happen. I have watched the first season of Fargo on Hulu.com while I was working on this piece:

And it was fabulous.  Like I would watch it again fabulous.  It was a ten hour miniseries, and I finished stitching on all the little eyes right as it ended.  Now I need to cover it some with massed thread clumps.  Might have to buy myself season 2 for that work.

It's done....

I finished this piece today!

except for a tab system I am going to have to add to the back to hang it from when I get home.   Each square is 3x3 inches and has hook and eyes on all sides that will link in to the hook or eye of the one next to it, so they will all be attached.  Some squares are just the painted pattern paper...some with masses of eyes sewn on, and most with masses of eyes as well as hair like thread masses on top.  I can't tell you how excited I am about this piece!  The picture is terrible, but all I can do here with my iPhone in my studio.  I should have installation shots to show later in July when I bribe my husband.  I hope you will come back and look at it then!

so many more....

I have about 60 of these 4x4 inch squares now.  I think that is only about a third of the amount I will need.  Each square has hooks on two sides and eyelets on the other two, so that they can attach to those next to it.  Some will remain plain, some will have masses of eyelets and others will have the eyelets and hair like masses.  I can make the hair like masses in a different way than I had originally planned, which will go much faster.  I am really liking how it is quilt like...but I want it to be BIG...like five by six feet.  And I need to find a more permanent way for it to stay fixed together to go on the wall the first time, as I will be out of town when it is installed.  I need to make the installation fool proof.  Not quite sure how that will happen just yet.  

I love the weird little overlapping eyelets.  I could sew those all day.