I have not posted...or exercised...or read the New Yorker...or vacuumed...and I only cleaned the bathroom when it was too gross not to.  This is what I have been doing:

It is a horrible iPhone photo, in a dark house and there is no where for me to lay the whole thing.  But it is 12 feet long.  And painted.  And nearly stitched.  I still have one last thread mass to sew on at the top right.  But I can see the end.  

Another terrible image, but still.  Each of the thread masses are between 8 and 13 inches.  I think there are twelve masses.  Now I am on to this:

I have four different hand gestures and five of each hand.  They are plaster and painted with an acrylic wash and then I add the pattern paper on top.  I won't be painting the paper...but I will be covering portions of the fingers and hands with masses of hooks and eyes.  You can see a couple at the finger and thumb ends.  When the hands are finally installed, there will be thread masses stitched between the hands.  There is still so much to do in two weeks, but I am beginning to feel like I can pull it off.