ready for the holidays….

And unfortunately there hasn't been very much studio time recently.  It is the end of the semester, so there has been more grading than usual.  Then, there are family packages that get sent with copious amounts of baked goods, which I have been baking every chance I get.  The goodies went out yesterday, so I had time today to work on a project that has been waiting since the last holiday….new pajama bottoms for my son.  He will not wear commercially made pajamas, so he either wears the pairs I made when he was three which have been let out and out again.  They are capri length and skin tight and it is not his most comfortable look.  Or he will wear athletic pants and be good to go in the morning.  So I got both pairs made this afternoon and the pattern was terrifically easy.  I used McCall's M6222.  I skipped the pockets and added extra length to hide in the hem.  I shouldn't have to make him more pajama pants until he is 10 years old, based on the last experience.  Merry Christmas kid!