more zombie felties....

were made and given as holiday gifts.  A zombie pirate, Michael Jackson and pumpkin head now have a new home.  They will join last years gift of a zombie duckie, skeleton and kitty. 


Again, these are from the fabulous book "Zombie Felties" by Nicola Tedman and Sarah Skeate.  I made some last minute changes as I didn't have the right kinds of beads for the pirates hook and leg, so I used a paper clip.  I didn't have black leather cord for MJ's curls, so I just stitched down a portion of the embroidery floss and cut it do different lengths.  I wished I had added a tongue to the pumpkin head, or maybe a hat.  It feels like he needs a little something.  I have the pieces ready for a folklore zombie, which may go to the owner of these for her birthday.  What is better than a miniature zombie collection?