Finished work framed and ready for Superfine! Art fair...

So I just posted the progress pics from this last big piece I was working on, but they are from several weeks ago.  I just spent the last eight hours finishing it while watching Stranger Things.  I loved it, but why is Winona Ryder not aging?  Anyway, my husband spent much of my birthday documenting works in frames for Superfine!  All works will be for sale!

stitched art
massed stitches art

All of the pieces above are 8x8 inches in a 10x10 inch frame.

This piece is 18x18 inches in a 20.5x20.5 inch frame.  It is my favorite and I am afraid it is not going!  Not enough wall space.  

Superfine! art fair at Miami Art week 2016....

and I am going!  I had been looking at Emerging Fair venues during some of the major art weeks across the US to see if one might be accessible to me.  In my research, I discovered Superfine! and was really excited about the possibility.  Then comes real life in the form of basement water and mold, possible job status changes and coming cat dental bills, and I figured I better hold off.  But with the sale of my grid last week, I decided to go for it.  I applied, have been accepted and am starting to prepare my curatorial plan for the fair.  I am really excited about it!  I know many of the dolls will go, and I have some small framed stitched pieces I would like to include as well.  I am thinking about two bigger stitched pieces, but I don't know that I can get that done.  I am so excited for five days in Miami in December and ALL THE ART!