stitched art

Just finished a new mixed media artwork...

That I am so excited about! I can already see making a dozen at least. This started out as a square, about 12x12 inches. It was going to be flat to the wall, but the square was just wrong as well as the 2-dimensionality of the felt with the little polyp like things coming off. So I cut a chunk out of the felt as a dart, sewed the seam together and had a bit of a curve. And then I did it some more. And then I cut the corners off. It hit an ugly duckling stage where I was sure I had overworked it, so I just let it hang out on the wall. I then decided to add more felt and really push the depth more. It is about 15x20 inches and maybe 6 inches deep. I’m still not sure if it is a wall ore pedestal piece, but it doesn’t have to go anywhere yet, and I can see what it does with the new ones I will make. It hits the creepy cool mark that I love so much.


The hooks are almost like marching ants. I enjoyed watching the Amazon series Hanna while I stitched. I think I will start Killing Eve Season 1 with my next piece.

Finished work framed and ready for Superfine! Art fair...

So I just posted the progress pics from this last big piece I was working on, but they are from several weeks ago.  I just spent the last eight hours finishing it while watching Stranger Things.  I loved it, but why is Winona Ryder not aging?  Anyway, my husband spent much of my birthday documenting works in frames for Superfine!  All works will be for sale!

stitched art
massed stitches art

All of the pieces above are 8x8 inches in a 10x10 inch frame.

This piece is 18x18 inches in a 20.5x20.5 inch frame.  It is my favorite and I am afraid it is not going!  Not enough wall space.