New work for a group exhibit at Rochester Community and Technical College...

I've had this idea for a large installation piece for quite some time now using the sewing pattern paper and hooks and eyes.  I've even got some grant money for it.  So I have been working on the paper forms.  I just got a couple of pics to use for a proposal and had a chance to problem solve with some artist friends about how to get it on the wall the way I want....but they had better ideas.  I wanted this cyst/breast like shapes to extend from the wall and be surrounded by a curtain of thick hook and eyes.  I was struggling with a way to have the hook and eyes on the wall without glueing them individually to the surface.  So an artist friend suggested I mount the paper shape to multiple, different irregularly shaped lightweight boards, that I could then slather with joint compound and embed the hooks and eyes in.  And then I could bevel the edge of the board and extend the joint compound and sewing hardware to the wall so it appears as if it is erupting out of the surface of the wall "LIKE A WART!"  That is so good.  I am thinking I will try using styrofoam sheets, but I am waiting until the weather gets warmer and I can work outside.  And I need to get some tools.  I did think it might be a piece that could be expanded for a recent exhibition proposal and played with a drawing to illustrate that.  

paper sculptures
stitched paper sculptures
drawing installation art

For my proposal, I wondered about changing the shape of the room, so it was rounder and more womb-like when you were in it and surrounded by these bulbous shapes.  So much to think about.