New proposals and new materials.....

So I spent some time last week working on a proposal for an exhibition I have applied to four other times.  But each proposal keeps getting better and applying to things is what I do.  The institution only take one proposal out of seventy with every round, so I will just keep at it.  I did play with a new material though that really influenced the focus of the proposal and has me super excited about new work: industrial felt.  I've got two different kinds...a really pristine cream color felt in 1/8 and 1/4 inch thickness, that comes in 15 inch width, and this sort of freckled light brown/gray, again in 1/8 and 1/4 inch thickness that comes in 60 inch width bolts!  It is so furry and weird and wonderful.  I just started cutting it up and piecing it together into this sort of organ like shape, and have you ever had that feeling where you know you are onto something?  I had that feeling, HARD.  And then I haven't had any time to get back to it, but I am so ready to.  I want to make life sized figures with it and I can't wait to start.  

felt sculpture

I can draw on it with graphite and I am going to be exploring powdered pigments for color too.  

figure drawing

I have been thinking about the same doll shape clearly, but I would like a whole room of them.  And my hope is that they can stand but the back will be open, so you see all the knotty mess of stitching, boning and structure that holds them together.  So much to do!