I've been teaching middle school art club recently...

And one of the projects we have been doing was suggested by one of the best art teachers I know, a dear friend from my time in New Mexico.  She said to let them take a bunch of stuffed animals apart and then put them back together as a new species.  It has been brilliant!  Everyone has had so much fun.  And you just can't mess them up because there is no right or wrong way to make one.  I call them "Frankenstuffies" and it turns out they are my new favorite thing to make.  I have made one with every class and then made several on my own as gifts.  My son thinks they are super creepy.  I fall in love with every new one!

one-eyed rooster stuffed animal
Lion bear stuffed animal
sloth lion penguin stuffed animal
Fuzzy Dinosaur stuffed animal

I've got one half finished in my studio and two bags of stuffed animal parts in the basement.  It can be a little brutal.