Lisa Congdon

this is so good...

So I have been reading my art crush blog, Lisa Congdon, recently, who writes great posts about what it is to have an art career.  And how to do it.  I found one of her posts recently that linked back to a column written by Cheryl Strayed for The Rumpus.  It is brilliant.  It addresses how to get out of your own way, how to do the work, how to practice. And it is a practice, this creative life.  Just like exercise and meditation and eating well and taking care of oneself.  You have to do the work even when you don't want to.  Even when the work is shitty.  You just have to work.  This line sums it all up for every one of us creatives, even though it is addressed to a writer:

"Write like a motherfucker."

I am trying to.