MAEP Exhibition at Minneapolis Institute of Arts!

So about six months ago, I posted about a proposal I was putting together for the Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. I was rejected a year ago…which was disappointing as I thought it was my best proposal to the program to date, but not a surprise as it was my sixth or seventh rejection. MAEP is a program with three deadlines a year, and only one exhibition awarded per deadline. With every rejection, I would call the program administrator/curator to get the details on the panels response to my program. And with the panels comments about my proposal, I would make adjustments and wait for the next deadline. With this last rejection, I did find out that I was a finalist, so I was getting closer. And I did feel like I had made the best proposal possible, but when the curator offered that some images for scale on the felt sculpture would help, I figured I would give it one last go. My art buddy, Chris Rackley, was kind enough to bring his photo kit to my studio and model with my sculpture for images! I also had images of work installed in a recent exhibition and I had some newer work related to the things I wanted to explore with the exhibition, so I swapped out nearly all of the images for those, and included sketches of the proposed sculptures, my video of the work in the space and the floor plan. And then I waited. There were about five weeks in between the proposal deadline and notification, so I couple of days out from the notification deadline, I started checking my emails a little too frequently. There were no emails. But I was at my friend Chris’ house with two other artist friends helping him with an upcoming project deadline, and when they all went upstairs to eat lunch, I thought I would just check quick. And there was an email that I would be having the July 2020 MAEP exhibition at the MiA. This is big. And I was able to share the first news of it with my most favorite artists in the world. They have been there editing my proposals since the very beginning two years ago when I started applying. We hugged, ate chocolate, and then I basically shook with fear and smiled the rest of the day. If you would like to see my name on the MiA website, the link is here.

New school year, teaching and grants....

I never mean to let this much time pass between entries, but where did the summer go?  It seems like I spent all summer applying to things, and now I am starting to hear back.  I sent off my proposal to the MAEP program, and after talking with the program administrator, I think I am getting closer.  I've got some adjustments to make for the 10/31 deadline, and I think I am hopeful.  I've been rejected for a Juried Exhibition that looked like a good opportunity, and two academic residencies...and I am still waiting on a lot.  I did have my SEMAC grant proposal accepted for support of new work I intend to exhibit next summer!  $5000!  I am so thrilled.  My friend MaryBeth also got one for $2500!  We both just got our paperwork in and should receive a check on 9/1/17.  I am actually going to get paid to make work....a large piece I posted planning pictures of earlier this summer.  I can't wait.  

acceptance letter grant

And it turns out if you just keep applying to stuff, the rejections start to sting way less.  

I just found out last week that I have a Drawing 1 class at RCTC, so I have been in planning mode for a couple of days.  Luckily, Drawing is one of my favorite things to teach, and I can do it without much trouble, so I am not worried about prep.  

And finally, my son is about two weeks off of his own school starting.  Fifth grade.  He will be walking himself home in the afternoons as I won't be home.  Missing out on the walk makes me a little sad; that was one of my favorite parts of the day.  And about the only time he tells me anything of significance.  I guess I should be getting used to that.  

I've been busy...

I just returned from installing the second of three exhibitions I have this spring/summer.  The first exhibition is nearly over; unfortunately, I was unable to get out to see it in Seattle, WA.  I am so thankful to have been included in the Blindfold Gallery's roster.  "Spring Gear" includes the bronze sculptures of Mark Walker and mixed media paintings of Janet Loren Hill.  Please check out their work!

Cast bronze pig by Mark Walker

Cast bronze pig by Mark Walker

Repeated by Janet Loren Hill

Repeated by Janet Loren Hill