"Locavore" juried exhibition coordinator....

So one reason this summer got away from me is that I have been spending a lot of time at the Rochester Art Center.  I was asked to coordinate "Locavore: Southeastern MN Juried Exhibition" and "Homegrown: 2' x 2'" for this September.  These are two separate exhibitions for regional artists. Today is the last day for submissions for the Juried Exhibition, so things are really going to gear up for that quite quickly.  This is the first year in a very long while that RAC has sponsored something like this, so I am anticipating some growing pains, but I have been excited to see the submissions that are coming in.  

I am also coordinating "Homegrown: 2' x 2'" which I can only think to call a "take and make" exhibition.  A group of artist volunteers ripped a bunch of masonite to 2x2' panels and added cleats and spacers to the backs.  We cut 200.  Artists can pick up panels at RAC, create their work on the panel and return it to us for inclusion in the exhibition.  I have been taking panels local community centers and regional art centers for their members to work on.  I think approximately 125 have been picked up.  I got myself one (I am not applying to the Juried Exhibition though...) and it is surprisingly big.  I just gessoed it yesterday and need to sand before I draw.  I hope to start it shortly.  Drop off for both the accepted juried work and panels is 9/14/17...and then I will need help repainting areas of the galleries and hanging the exhibition.  Luckily I have a great group for that.  

I am happy that RAC has been able to offer some help with photographing work and resizing digital images to make the submission process easier.  I hope to schedule MNArtists.org to come to RAC and offer a workshop on creating a profile on their site, as well as other workshops about writing an artist statement and how to start taking your own digital images.  I think this opportunity will be a great way include more of the community in what the RAC does.  I hope you will come out to see the results at the reception on 9/22/17!