Professional practices workshop with Sharon Louden....

I signed up for Creative Capital emails a while back, and that is how I found out about the ISCP Lenore Tawney Fibers residency that I just applied for. But I also found out about an online professional practices workshop with artist Sharon Louden, and we are going into the third meeting of four tonight! I has been really informative. I really enjoyed her book Living and Sustaining a Creative Life that I read a couple of years ago on a residency. She has got her shit together. A lot of it is practice, organization and gratitude. And the nitty gritty details of business…like I know I need to collect emails and make a mailing list. But she is also having us identify 10 professional goals we have for ourselves. Here are some of mine:

…write a frankenstuffie book proposal

…submit a proposal to San Jose Institute of Art

…apply for a grant with the Chenven Foundation

…send a proposal to Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

…exhibit with my talented friend, Marybeth Magyar

…and reach out to about five different galleries, just to start a conversation

There is so much yet to do.

Would you be interested in a book about the making of this guy?

Would you be interested in a book about the making of this guy?

Rejections and moving on...

Found out last week that I did not get accepted for the MAEP exhibition this next round. Didn’t hit me as hard as I expected it would. But how can you realistically be heartbroken when only one in seventy artists get it every four months? I did however get to reuse my video for another proposal at the CUE foundation. And then again for the McKnight Mid Career Fellowship, so it was well worth the time doing. Now I just need to learn to do it myself.

I am currently getting an application ready for the ISCP Lenore G. Tawney Fiber residency in NYC. Lenore Tawney was somehow an artist I discovered when I realized Apparel Design was not a good fit for me and I was maybe more interested in mixed media than printmaking. She and Lesley Dill really showed me I could make the work I wanted to make. I had never seen anyone make work in this way before.

Lenore Tawney, “Wandering Between Worlds”

Lenore Tawney, “Wandering Between Worlds”

Lenore Tawney, “Bird Boy”

Lenore Tawney, “Bird Boy”

Lenore Tawney, “Seed Puzzle on Three Levels”

Lenore Tawney, “Seed Puzzle on Three Levels”

Application is due 4/15, but I think I might have it submitted tonite! Fingers crossed!

Spring is here in Minnesota...

and I am feeling lucky. The sun is shining. Birds are singing. The grass is peaking through. Just that can change my attitude so much. I feel like professional changes and growth is around the corner. I am thinking about the resources I need to gather in order to make this shift and the ways in which it is going to make me really uncomfortable to change. But I need to. I want to draw more. Drawing is so joyful. I made this one in January and was so thankful that a dear friend wanted to take it home.

rabbit with balloon

Let it be a spring of more drawing.

"Material Matters" at SeagerGray Gallery...

It was so fun to see this exhibition going up at SeagerGray Gallery the beginning of the month and discovering a new artist: Liz Steketee. She had this amazing photograph and embroidery piece in multiple hoops that just stopped my heart.

Mixed media; 2018

Mixed media; 2018

Circles,  detail

Circles, detail

Circles,  detail

Circles, detail

And then on her website, I found these!

Wonder Woman, Mixed media

Wonder Woman, Mixed media

I do love a red thread.

Morris Graves Museum of Art Exhibition

So happy to have had Nicole Jean Hill photograph my exhibit at the Morris Graves Museum of Art in Humboldt county last week. I got images just in time to apply for a mid-career fellowship. I didn’t install the work for this exhibition, and was a little uncertain about the configuration of the “Spread” masses on the wall. When I last installed this piece, there was no space between shapes and far less of the guts spilling out from them, but I have come around. I still want to make ten times the amount there currently are for an installation. I want them oozing off the wall!


And here is one of the new dolls. It was funny to see it up with some of the original ones and how the color palette has changed. I just love this measuring tape.

Still waiting to here on one of my proposals, and that will probably determine what I decide to focus on this next year. Four more days. Fingers crossed.

"Massed" at the Morris Graves Museum of Art....

I just got back from a trip to California to see my work in two places! My first stop was with Colleen Mullins in San Francisco. She was a lovely tour guide. She took me to see artist Ruth Awasa’s work at the deYoung Museum and it was amazing.

ruth asawa sculpture
Ruth Asawa Installation
Ruth Asawa sculpture

Woven and twisted wire…the shadows were as glorious as the objects!

Then we dropped by Seager Gray Gallery to take a look at my newest Rabbit before he went up for the exhibition “Material Matters.” The deer is up as well. You can see the entire exhibition on Artsy, right here.


And lastly we headed up to Eureka to see my exhibition “Massed” at the Morris Graves Museum of Art. It was a five hour drive on winding roads, but beautiful. It didn’t rain! The reception was really lovely. I am working on professional pictures as mine are a little yellow, but I was really pleased with the installation.

Morris Graves
Doll art
Art doll
Installation art

And then I got to spend three days with my mom, as well as miss a snow storm. It couldn’t have been better.

Proposal for MAEP at MIA....

So while I have been gone, I have continued applying for the Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. There are three deadlines a year, and with each deadline, one exhibition is awarded by the panel. I can’t tell you how many times I have applied, but every time I do, the proposal gets better. And every time I get a rejection, I call the program administrator to get panel feedback about my proposal. There was a deadline in October, and I got close. Real close. So I convened what we call the Art Justice League, three dear, generous, talented artist friends for chips and gauc and we tightened that baby up. There was talk, some swearing, I took notes and the phrase “juicy titties” came up; a productive meeting. And then one of these artist/friends offered to help me create a digital video of my proposed work in the space. Mostly I sat next to him and pointed at stuff while he made After Effects look easy! He made a sweet little video of my proposed drawn sculptures in the space. I could not have produced a better proposal. I submitted it 2/22/19. I am waiting for the decision. Fingers crossed.

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 8.26.23 PM.PNG

The video is too large to post here, but this screen shot will give you an idea. It was amazing! Thank you for all of your help and support!