sewing patterns

Making artwork and Fargo season 1....

So I have either been teaching, prepping to teach, stitching, sleeping or exercising.  Occasionally I have made a nice dinner or a batch of cookies.  There has been no cleaning.  My house is filthy.  But, I have gotten some artwork done.  I have work going into a local restaurant, Forager, at the beginning of October and I am desperately trying to finish two stitched pieces and two drawings.  And then I hope to make one more drawing; I don't know that that is going to happen. I have watched the first season of Fargo on while I was working on this piece:

And it was fabulous.  Like I would watch it again fabulous.  It was a ten hour miniseries, and I finished stitching on all the little eyes right as it ended.  Now I need to cover it some with massed thread clumps.  Might have to buy myself season 2 for that work.