how we work....

My son was old enough to go to art summer camp this year.  I am not sure who was more excited.  I just found his projects in the craft closet as I was looking for something else; one of which was a bean mosaic on cardboard.  When we were viewing the class work on the last day, there was quite a variety of approaches and styles, and I asked him how he made decisions about his image.  He said, "I just look at it and glue a bean down, then look at it some more and glue some more beans down."  I asked if he had an idea of what he wanted to look like before he started, and he said no, that he just "kind of did it."  It was all I could do not to laugh out loud.  That is exactly the way I work.  It almost always has been.  There hasn't been a sketch for a collage drawing, embroidery or doll in 20 years.  I make it because I want to know what it looks like.  I keep lists of ideas/physical attributes, and then I just start.  Once i have made a decision, that informs the next decision, and so on.  I would probably get myself into a lot less trouble with the work and its installation if I could think things all the way through, but I have yet to change the way I work.  I think that quality of "being there" with the work is important for me.  Apparently it is for my son too.