in between things....

I am kind of in between things right now. My website is getting updated and I have a shop going up. I have done a little research on art fairs and I am going to visit the Uptown Art Fair in Minneapolis and the Art Fair on the Square in Madison this summer. I am also going to hit Renegade Craft fair in Chicago in September. I believe there is a way to sell my work. There just has to be. So I am putting in the research this summer before RISDCraft 2019, as I already know I have a spot there.

And I just took possession of keys to a new studio that I will be sharing with photographer Sophia Chai! I’ve got big plans for big things. The only drawback is there is not a toilet. There is a gas station three blocks away. I was thinking though, we could each have our own bucket, and then a guest bucket. We would be all set.