The work of a young artist....

I was just in Ft. Collins, Colorado visiting my brother and his family and my dad and stepmother.  My dad and stepmother are selling their house and down sizing.  In all the sorting and packing, my dad found a painting I did in Art 1 at Blevins Junior High School. I was in eighth grade.  It is on purple construction paper with (I'm guessing) tempera paint.  There must have been some sort of resist for the can see it on the back.  I think this piece was my first exhibition....there is a sticker on the back that it hung at the the Foothills Mall.  I just barely remember going to the mall to see it.  I also brought home another piece from my senior year at for an image in the next post and a possible etsy listing.  


And congratulations to my brother on his new house with his lovely family.  I am happy Ruben finally gets to share it with you!  Yes, my brother owns a kangaroo as pet and he is adorable.  My 19 month old neice thinks he is a bunny that hops.   

An old friend...

I was recently in Ft. Collins, Colorado visiting my family.  My son, Dodo (my dad) and I spent several hours in Science Museum playing with all sorts of cool things.  As we were leaving, I saw a building with the words ART CENTER, across the street.  We decided to stop.  The building was the home to two different galleries: the Poudre Studio Artists and Galleries and the Center for Fine Art Photography .  The Poudre Studio Artists and Galleries were closed, and all but one gallery at the Center for Fine Art Photography were in transition.  We did see a lovely exhibition titled "Black + White 2013" and I had a moment to speak with the director.  We talked about the center, it's history and upcoming exhibitions.  She handed me a card for an exhibition that would open the day after I left, titled, "Leigh Anne Langwell: Photograms: Life Illuminated." I looked at the card and was delighted by what I saw.  Leigh Anne and I had been in the same incoming graduate class at the University of New Mexico so many years ago.  She is exhibiting the most lovely, spooky photograms I've ever seen. The work is ethereal and quiet.  If you are in Ft. Collins, please don't miss it like I did, and if you can't see it in person, check out both the Center and Leigh Anne's site.  Congratulations Leigh Anne!