it's mass chaos….

On my studio table.  There has been some work.  But you wouldn't know it from the following pictures.  The table has to do too many things….office work, long term and short term storage, creative space…and there is just not enough room for all of that.  Plus, the table is plagued by the Rocky Paper Situation.  The Rocky is a cat, a grey tabby with too much time and too little to do.  The Paper is various research images for new work, newspaper and sewing pattern paper for current pieces.  The Situation is when Rocky is bored and can't get my attention, he jumps to my studio table and shreds any paper he can get his teeth into.  He just tears off little pieces and spits them out until he has demolished something of minor importance or prompted me to find the laser light.  It is maddening.  All of that just sits there amongst the other stuff, as neither or us is willing to pick it up.  Rocky won't because, obviously, he is a cat.  I won't because, obviously, I am making  a point.  I know its not in my best interest to be in a power struggle with a cat, but I hope if I just leave it, he will think there is nothing else to do up there too.  So here is my progress on my crazy table….


A three tiered cake that will have a little figure interacting with it in some way.  I would like to see the figure scale it with a dessert fork, but that is going to take some figuring.  


The second piece is a little deer.  I think I would like to see her sitting at a wardrobe with red Mary Jane shoes on, and maybe doing her lashes.  But that will take some figuring as well.  I tend to figure things out as I go along.  I will post more progress pictures and hopefully a more organized table shortly.